Poster presentations

Poster session I (Monday, October 9th, 4:00 pm)
Uneven numbers
Ackermann, Tobias | ERIBA
C/EBPß-LIP regulates the let-7/Lin28 circuit to control cellular metabolism
Ani, Grigoryan
LaminAC regulates epigenetic changes upon aging and rejuvenation of hematopoietic stem cells
Aubert, Geraldine | Terry Fox Laboratory
Genetics of variation in leucocyte telomere length with age: in depth prospective study of an adult population in the Netherlands
Mechanisms of Lifespan Extension by Dietary Restriction Revealed by Genome-wide Screens in Yeast
Chang, Michael | University Medical Center Groningen
Double-strand breaks are not the main cause of spontaneous sister chromatid exchange in wild-type yeast cells
Cohn, Marita| Lund UniversityThe Budding Yeast N. castellii
Efficiently Activates Alternative Telomere Maintenance Mechanisms (ALT) in the Absence of Telomerase.
Ferreira, Lino | University of Coimbra
A chip with iPSC-derived progeroid smooth muscle cells to study their vulnerability to flow shear stress
Floris, Foijer | UMCG
Whole genome single cell sequencing to study tumor evolution
Forman, Katherine | University of Concepcion
Beneficial effect of ascorbate in renal aging
Guedj, Avital| The Hebrew University Of Jerusalem, Hadassah Medical Center
Gut microbiota shape inflamm-aging cytokines and account for age-dependent decline in DNA damage repair
Guryev, Victor
Molecular, metabolic and age-related factors modulating robustness of gene expression
Janssens, Georges | Karolinska Institutet, Sweden 
Pharmacological inhibition of HSP90 improves health and extends lifespan
Kap, Yolanda| Biomedical Primate Research Centre
Dietary modification reduces multiple sclerosis-like disease in adult marmoset monkeys
Kretz, Alexandra| University Hospital Jena
Impact of hermetic inbreeding on telomere length dynamics and telomerase activity in the aging brain
Liu, Yasmine| Academic Medical Centre Amsterdam
Exploring the effect of glycine metabolism on the life history of C. elegans
Moriel-Carretero, Maria | Institute of Human Genetics
Implications of dietary restriction in genomic stability
Morita, Aryan | University of Groningen
Characteristics  FND-liposome as a candidate for ROS nanosensor
Novarina, Daniele | ERIBA
Combining the Mother Enrichment Program with high-throughput replica-pinning to identify yeast genes that suppress the accumulation of mutations.
Ottens, Franziska| University of Cologne
Olfactory Food Sensing Coordinates Organismal Proteostasis Through MicroRNA Signaling  
Pandey, Renu | University of Delhi
SIN-3 regulates ROS mediated autophagy and ageing in Caenorhabditis elegans
Pellay, François-Xavier | Medils
Carotenoids from extremophile bacteria act as Antioxidant chaperones to protect protein against oxidation
Pereira, Dina| Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology
Is ageing the triggering factor in polyglutamine-induced neurodegeneration? A study in machado-joseph disease models.
Pilzecker, Bas | The Netherlands Cancer Institute
DNA Damage Tolerance in Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells in Mice
Richter, Annekatrin | Leibniz Institute on Aging - FLI
Genetic revelation of lifespan determining genes in the turquoise killifish
Rubie, Claudia | Saarland University
MicroRNA-496 – a new, potentially ageing-relevant regulator of mTOR
Samson, Leonard Daniël
The Immune system and Ageing: A longitudinal study
Schubert, Nick | University Medical Center Groningen
Examination of mRNA expression reveals different patterns of auditory ageing in the organ of Corti and stria vascularis
Seelk, Stefanie | Max-Delbrueck-Center for Molecular Medicine
The histone chaperone LIN-53 (Rbbp4/7) in muscle maintenance and aging regulation
Stinus Ruiz de Gauna, Sonia | ERIBA
A sharp Pif1-dependent threshold separates DNA double-strand breaks from critically short telomeres
Tindale, Lauren | Canada's Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre
Pattern of allele-specific expression in healthy centenarians
Van Vliet, Thijmen | UMCG
Hypoxia restrains the Senescence Associated Secretory Phenotype (SASP) in a p53 dependent manner
Vougioukalaki, Maria | ERASMUS MC
Consequences of Ercc1 DNA repair deficiency on ageing of mouse intestinal and liver stem cells and organoids
Woldhuis, Roy | University Medical Center Groningen
Paraquat induced cellular senescence in human lung fibroblasts as a model to study the aging phenotype of COPD fibroblasts
Yang, Daozheng| ERIBA
Epigenetic alterations in histone modifications of murine young and old hematopoietic stem cells
Yu, Wei-hsuan | National Taiwan University
Proteolytic Nucleus envelope protein, lamin B1 fragments translocating into mitochondria involved in the EGFR axes modulate mitochondria proliferation

Poster session II (Tuesday, October 10th, 4:00 pm)
Even numbers
Bak Dinitzen, Alexander | UMCG
MicroRNA125 extends clonal lifespan of hematopoietic stem cells.
Bakker, Bjorn | University of Groningen, UMCG
The effects of chromosomal instability on karyotype evolution in cancer
Beekman, Marian | Leiden University Medical Center
HDL diameter monitors changes in abdominal fat
Berezikov, Eugene | University Medical Center Groningen
Resilience to ageing in the regeneration-capable flatworm  Macrostomum lignano
Charvin, Gilles | IGBMC
Deciphering the causality of events driving the entry into replicative senescence in budding yeast
Deelen, Joris | Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing
Worldwide genome-wide association study of longevity
Demaria, Marco | UMCG
Senescent cells in cancer therapy: friends or foe?
Di Sanzo, Simone | Leibniz Institute on Aging - FLI
Investigating the relationship between protein glycation and aggregation in cells and tissues
Eniko, Fekete-Szucs | ERIBA
Zuo1 and G-quadruplexes act together to support DNA repair
Evangelakou, Zoi| National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Loss of mitostasis impacts on proteostatic modules functionality and longevity in Drosophila melanogaster
Fedichev, Peter |  
Quantitative Characterization of Biological Age and Frailty Based on Locomotor Activity Records
Finger, Fabian | University of Cologne
Olfactory Food Sensing Coordinates Organismal Proteostasis Through MicroRNA Signaling
Garbe, Susan | Martin Luther University Halle Wittenberg
Influence of glyoxal and methylglyoxal on mesenchymal stem cell differentiation
Hahn, Oliver | Max-Planck-Institute for Biology of Ageing
Age-related changes in DNA methylation are retarded by dietary restriction and are associated with reprogramming of lipid metabolism
Heid, Johanna | Cardiovascular Epigenetics
Up-regulation of microRNA-29 family protects from cardiac hypertrophy and fibrosis in the novel aging model Nothobranchius furzeri
Letzian, Soriba | CECAD
Polarity protein Par3 controls epidermal differentiation through regulation of DNA damage responses
Marques, Francisco | CRUK Beatson Institute and Institute of Cancer Sciences - Glasgow University
Epigenome-metabolic cross talk in senescence – Pyruvate-induced senescence
Moiseeva, Victoria | UPF
Understanding senescence in aging muscle stem cells
Pajk, Melitta | University of Physical Education
Eating habits combined with nicotinamide treatment modulate the cognitive funciton and cell metabolism in wistar rat model
Panagiotou, Nikolaos | University of Glasgow
Cellular ageing impacts on microvesicle-mediated tissue regeneration
Pandey, Satyaprakash | ERIBA
The "Ends” are not the End- Role of telomerase across the genome
Parfenova, Iuliia | ETH Zurich
Pheromone-induced memory in budding yeasts and its asymmetric segregation during cell division.
Pena-Diaz, Javier | University of Copenhagen
Mismatch Repair proteins regulate telomere homeostasis in ALT cancer cells by mediating pathway choice between resolution and processing of telomeric secondary structures
Penndorf, Diane | University Hospital Jena
Replicative reprogramming in the context of age-related neurodegeneration and physiological CNS aging
Raz, Yotam | Leiden University Medical Center
Mild lifestyle changes in older adults lead to skeletal muscle remodeling
Rempel, Irina Lucia | ERIBA
Nucleocytoplasmic transport during replicative ageing - a single cell study
Riou, Jean-Francois | Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle
Genome-wide G-quadruplex alterations in a cell line resistant to a G4 ligand from the pyridine dicarboxamide series
Rubie, Claudia | Saarland University
MicroRNA-496 – a new, potentially ageing-relevant regulator of mTOR
Sen, Ilke | Karolinska Institute, ICMC
DAF-16 requires Protein Phosphatase 4 to initiate the transcription of stress resistance and longevity promoting genes.
Schiffer, Isabelle | MPI for Biology of Ageing
Conserved muscle microRNA, mir-1, regulates C. elegans proteostasis
Stolle, Sarah
Effects of caloric restriction on bile acid metabolism in aged mice
Stroo, Esther | University Medical Center Groningen
The role of SERF2 in development and neurodegenerative disease
Terlizzi, Vincenzo | University Medical Center Groningen
Real time tracing of mesenchymal stem cell-driven vasculogenesis in a three dimensional microenvironment
Van den Akker, Erik | Leiden University Medical Center
Data-driven myofibertyping in older adults reveals novel fibertype groupings
Van der Laan, Kiran
Fluorescent nanodiamond internalization for sensing free radical activity in chronologically aging yeast cells
Warmerdam, Daniël | University Medical Center Groningen
Understanding repair of breaks in repetitive DNA
Woldhuis, Roy | University Medical Center Groningen
Age-related changes in miRNA expression in healthy airways
Zaini, M.A. | ERIBA
A p300 and SIRT1 regulated acetylation switch of C/EBPa controls mitochondrial function
Zhernakova, Alexandra | UMCG
Ageing markers in the general Dutch population and their relation to genetics and environment